Two Minutes With Soli Bailey

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posted by James Willmott

We took two with Soli to talk Hawaii, Shredding Jaws with Mark Mathews, and being at home in Byron Bay. 


Soli, thanks for catching up. How’s everything going?
Everything is good mate. I’m trying to live life fitting everything in – its hard but I’m busy and that’s good.

How was Hawaii? How long were you over there?
Hawaii is great. I love spending time there.  I was there for 3 weeks this time around and had some amazing new experiences over there.


Walk us through a typical day on the North Shore…
Wake up early,look out the window check the waves, have a stretch warm my body up, decide on where I’m surfing and then surf, eat, surf, surf surf, eat and sleep.

You surfed Jaws for the first time with Mark Mathews and some other big names. That must have been a pretty amazing experience?
It was! The opportunity to surf Jaws with Mark Mathews was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and i’ll never forget it. To get to experience the intensity of that wave for the first time with some of the biggest names in big wave surfing was a privilege. I have a heap of respect for what they do.  I was lucky to be a part of the trip. It opened my mind up to another level of surfing.


You’ve travelled here, there and everywhere else hunting waves and good times. Where will you continue to revisit?
I love Hawaii. My surfing has improved each time I’ve visited Hawaii – I always seem to learn something from that place.

Where haven’t you been but are dying to?
I’d love to go to India for something different.

Now that you are back in Byron Bay, describe a day in the life of Soli Bailey?
Back home is a daily routine of settling, grounding myself, and seeing friends and family. I  like to take the time to focus on my health and well being, as well as doing the things I love but don’t get much time to do (fishing).

Goals for 2015?
My goals for the year ahead are to improve and learn more.

Any projects you are working on outside of surfing?
I’m fixing up a small fishing boat, so that has been a good project outside of surfing. Im learning heaps at the moment about fishing out at sea too.

What is your go-to post surf feed?
Any food is good after a big surf!

Give us all some insight into your current quiver?
I’ve got a few boards, but my go-to is an Al Merrick 6’0 x 19 23/8.