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posted by Aimee Whistler

Trading in the treadmill for the tarmac, inner-city running has had an image overhaul with a new generation of fitness enthusiasts joining the pack. Introducing– City Running Crews. Thriving in great metropolises and championed by ultra-marathoners and novice runners alike, city run crews have been hailed as an indispensable lifeline, helping urbanites burn rubber and clock up miles together.

From Moscow to Melbourne, a new breed of running pack is afoot. Inspired by the ‘Sports Luxe’ trend focus of the past few seasons,  it was only a matter of time till we saw fashionistas put those functional running shoes to good use! Born in the big cities like London, NYC and Paris, city run clubs have created a unique intersection between sport, culture and fashion. Charlie Dark, poet, writer, DJ, and founder of London’s Run Dem Crew, explains “the community is far more important than the actual physical things that we do”. And, it seems run clubs are creating communities in cities notorious for their autonomy.

Check out your local ‘Run Crew’ or participate in your nearest community run at Neon Run, Start To Finish or Running Meetup.