Two Minutes with Johanne Defay

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posted by Aimee Whistler

We caught up with French born surfer, Johanne Defay. Riding her first wave a 7-years-old, she has since travelled the working competing in nearly every competition under the sun. Ranking 8th after the recent World Tour, and first in Europe, we sat down with Miss. Defay to hear about what she’s been up to since the end of the Tour, her passion for surfing and plans for 2015.

To be ranked 8th in the world is a pretty incredible achievement. Were you please with the outcome of the ASP World Tour?
I’m really happy! And, I’m really happy to keep moving forward and progressing. 

What are you up to now that the Tour is over?
I am enjoying being home. I’ve only got 3 weeks left here before I start the 2015 season.

What’s the next surfing comp you’ve got coming up?
I’m going to be taking part in the Manly QS to warm up before the Quicksilver Pro in Snapper.

Where do you call home?
I grew up on the Reunion Islands, but the South West Coast of France feels very much like home.

What triggered your passion for surfing?
My dad started teaching me to surf when I was 7 and I fell in love. I haven’t stopped since.

Tell us about the preparation involved in the lead up to a big comp?
In preparing for a competition, I like to familiarise myself with the region and try to surf it as much as I can before the event. I also make sure I get the right balance between surf time and relaxation – it’s important.

What’s in the pipeline for 2015?
I’m going to be concentrating on my surfing technique and try to progress as much.

Describe your morning routine?
Before a competition I like to go for a little surf before breakfast  and then chill out right up until the event.

What is your ideal Sunday?
A little sleep-in until around 8-8.30 followed by some breakfast and a surf. On rainy days I love to stay in and draw or watch a film with my boyfriend.

What has been playing in your headphone lately?
Oulala! No idea!

Where is paradise?
Life is a paradise!

The last place you travelled?

Next trip?
Australia! See you all soon!