Surfing Life x Oakley: Big Wave Awards

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posted by James Willmott

Surfing Life and Oakley, two of the biggest forces in the Australian surfing scene, linked up earlier this week for an amazing night of awards, laughs and good times. With $35,000 up for grabs, the event played host to three main key categories: Biggest Wave, Biggest Paddle In and Biggest Slab.

Jarryd Foster, winner of the newly added Biggest Wave division, pocketed a sweet $20,000 and the amazing reputation that comes with it. Not bad for a days work, right?

Though there were plenty of awards to be had, the focus was on the premier Biggest Wave category, with the winning entries ridden between Cow Bombie in south-west Western Australia and Pedra Branca, a day’s sail off the coast of Tasmania.

Check out Jarryd Foster’s winning wave at Western Australia’s Cow Bombie.

The Biggest Paddle In Wave Award went to the Sunshine Coast’s Mark Visser, along side Chris Ross who took out the infamous Biggest Slab Award.

A huge congratulations to all the winning entries!

*Imagery by Surfing Life & Jamie Scott