Two Minutes with Matt Banting

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posted by James Willmott

Making the World Surfing League Tour for 2015, it’s an exciting time for Quiksilver’s Matt Banting. Coming fresh off the Qualifying Series Tour with some impressive results behind him, the regular footer is no doubt eager to prove his potential while the world watches on, and let’s just say it’s more than likely we will all be pleasantly surprised.

We caught up with Matt for a few minutes to talk making the 2015 World Tour, his recent trip to P-Pass and more.

Matt, cheers for taking time to sit down and catch up. How’s life?
Probably the best it’s ever been, haha! No, I’ve dreamt of being where I am today for so long. Just enjoying my last few days at home before the first contest at Snapper. 

Congratulations on making the World Tour! What are you hoping to get out of the first WSL Tour?
I’d be so pumped to get Rookie Of The Year and spend a few back to back years on the WSL. Get a bit of longevity on the WSL and stay away from the WQS, haha.

You’ve just returned from what looked like an epic trip to the infamous P-Pass. Tell us about the trip?
That was the best trip I’ve ever been on. Last minute decision to hit P-Pass and it well and truly paid off. A few of the guys up there said it was the closest thing to Dorians swell, so you can imagine how big it was. Saw Mikey (Wright) get a couple massive ones!

Can you tell us about your quiver for P-Pass? Did you have a favourite go-to board?
I took up there a 6’1”, 6’2”, two 6’3” and a 6’5”, but they never showed up until the last day so I rode Mikey’s boards the whole time! They were massive, but stoked I was in the water. 

Favourite wave to look forward to on Tour?
Probably Trestles. I’ve never surfed an event there and I’ve always wanted to. The Prime event got cancelled the year I made it so I’m stoked its back on the calendar. 

Who are you currently surfing for?
Quiksilver, Shapers Fins and LSD Surfboards.

Favourite spot you’ve travelled to?
P-Pass a week ago, hands down. 

Can you tell us about how you stay motivated to continue to push the boundaries of your surfing?
Watching other guys around my age like Kolohe, Filipe & Gabriel get me going. But I’ve always thought that in surfing you’ve got pretty much 10-15 years to make 40 years worth of money, so there’s plenty of time to relax after the works finished, haha!

Any specific training routines or dietary habits?
Try to train two to three times a week and pretty much try my hardest to stay away from fast foods or bad foods that taste really good. 

Run us through a typical day in the life with Matt Banting.
Well today I woke up made a smoothie, now I’m going to grab my coach Mick Cain then go for a surf. Go to the gym around lunch and surf again afterwards. Then both sticker and grip up 7 new boards from Luke this afternoon! 

Favourite beats to listen to before/after a long session?
I’ve been loving a bit of underground rap or a bit of electro/house gets me dancing behind the wheel, haha!

Any projects outside of surfing in the woodwork?
Yeah, been working on a little 5-6 minute edit for a little while which should be out mid-late February. It will feature a bit of stuff from Mexico, Europe, P-Pass and Oz.

*Imagery by Quiksilver/Andrew Shield