Two Minutes with Harrison Roach on North To Noosa

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posted by James Willmott

By now, I hope you’ve watched Deus‘s new surf and moto safari flick, North To Noosa. If you haven’t, check it out here. And, right now. Believe me when I say, it’s one hell of a road trip along the East Coast of Australia staring the Deus boys themselves.

On the back of their brand new release, we caught up with the writer and narrator of the film, Harrison Roach to talk about the big Aussie adventure.

Tell us about North To Noosa…
North To Noosa is a new and fun little project that we’ve made. It documents the typical Australian East Coast road trip… camping, riding, driving and of course, a lot of surfing. There’s something so special about the drive north from Sydney to Noosa.

The film is directed by award winning film-maker, Dustin Humphrey. How was it working with him?
It’s been a huge pleasure to work with Dustin over the past couple of years. He’s a super motivated person and always pushes himself and the people he works with to do as well as possible. I like Dustin because when he gets and idea he just goes for it.

You wrote and narrated North To Noosa, tell us about that… 
It was interesting. I had to do it over a very short time schedule, which was stressful. It’s kind of painful hearing my own voice, but I love writing. I guess the narration was just an extension of that.

Have you done much of this kind of work before?

What were the high-points of the project?
I loved surfing with Dave Rastovich. He and I got to share a super special, uncrowded morning together at one of my favourite waves. Both of us were riding Fish style boards, I think his was a 5’10 twin fin, and mine was a 4’11 quad.

And the lows?
There weren’t many lows on the trip, it’s hard to get too upset when you’re cruising up the east coast of Australia with a few of your good friends. It was hard at times when we were riding through constant rain or flooding, my boots weren’t dry for a week, but all in all it was just a good time.

What was your favourite spot on the journey?
I’ll never tell!

What’s next for the Deus family?
We’re working hard on a new project this year. It’s called South To Sian, and it follows my friend Zye and I as we make our way through Indonesia in an old and faulty 4WD. I’m very excited about it.

*Imagery by Anthony Dodds & Thomas Walk