WATCH: Converse Made By You

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posted by Kate McCart

Together with our pals at Converse, we’re celebrating your creative flair. And, what better way to unleash your spirit than on a pair of  Chuck Taylor All Stars.

The Converse crew are embracing Made By You, and celebrating your work of art. And, by work of art, we mean your Cons. Think of them as your very own blank canvas waiting to be filled. However worn, customised, modified or pristine your pair may become, they’re your self portrait.

To get you inspired, Converse have hand-picked 100 global creatives to share their Chucks and the story behind them. We’re pleased to exclusively release the tales behind Buff Monster, Frankie Chan and Ya Yi’s kicks.

Tune in below!




So come on, pick yourself up a new pair of Chucks and tell your story.