Trend Edit: The Dos and Don'ts of Double Denim

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posted by Aimee Whistler

A cyclical fashion favourite, denim (and a lot of it) is set to be a mainstay trend for seasons ahead. Part of the anti-style movement, denim’s detail-free designs make it your easy-to-wear wardrobe staple. Understated and inexpensive, it’s the DOUBLE denim trend that can be prove to be quite a balancing act. Master the art of double denim with these few quick tips.


DO: Play with colours if you’re a total beginner

Mixing the colours and washes of your denim makes sure your outfit doesn’t start to resemble a boiler suit. As a novice, stick to a well-fitting pair of dark jeans with a light denim shirt. From there, try and customise where you can by rolling it up, turning it down or even adding a little bit of distress.

DON’T: Wear denim accessories.
No one wants to resemble the Brit & JT double denim disaster of 2001. Stay clear of any twill or fabric jewellery and opt for understated pieces – a few gold or silver rings. Remember, less is more.

DON’T: Wear a denim outfit that’s all the same weight or wash.
It’s a school boy error – there are loads of different washes and weights out there. Mixing raw denim with lighter washes and shades is a great way to get a few outfits out of one trend.

DO: Break it up
Never underestimate the importance of a plain, crew neck tee. It’s the ideal way to differentiate between your double denim choices. A slim fit or relaxed tee gives a clean, fresh to your outfit.