Meet The Model: Amelia Zadro

    posted by Kate McCart

    Meet Amelia Zadro. One of the model’s in SurfStitch’s Autumn campaign, we caught up with the blue-eyed beauty to get the lowdown on what she’ll be wearing from this season’s Lounge Around trend, her top lounging around activities, and what she’s playing in her headphones during downtime. 

    Give us a brief rundown on the Amelia Zadro story?

    Since finishing school a few years ago, I’ve been filling my time exploring different cities around the world, doing some modeling work and studying psychology online. After a bit of searching, I’ve finally found a pretty great balance of things. 

    Describe yourself in 3 words?
    Hmm inquisitive, contemplative and excitable. 

    Where are you based?
    Between Sydney and London mostly. 

    Any hobbies or interests?
    Studying, yoga, painting, exploring new places, seeing art, listening to music and being with friends and family. 

    What was your favourite shoot location on the SurfStitch A15 campaign?
    The sunrise at Manning Lookout was pretty incredible. It reminded m how much I miss bush walking in the Blue Mountains. 

    What pieces from the Lounge Around trend will we see you wearing this season?
    There were so many goodies, but comfy knits are my winter favourite!

    What does lounging around mean to you? 
    Going somewhere natural and beautiful, spending time with people I love and yoga. 

    Name your top 3 lounging around activities…
    If it’s cold, getting in a big blanket and watching movies. If it’s hot, swimming in the ocean followed by coconuts in the sun with a good book. 

    What is your ideal kind of day to lounge around?
    Hmm, once I was in Tokyo and I stuck in a glass apartment during a cyclone with my friend. We snuggled and watched movies – it was a pretty great lazy day.

    What was the highlight of the SurfStitch A15 shoot?
    Ohh, so many! The beautiful locations… and the team was amazing! I have missed them all a lot after not seeing them since the shoot. 

    What’s been playing in your headphones lately?
    A bit of an old jumble of things including The XX, Rhye, Shlohmo, Kiyoko and Yan Tiersen. They all have great lounging around tracks!

    Describe your morning routine? 
    Wake up, practice some yoga or go for a swim at the beach, eat a good brekky and then off to start the day!

    What’s your ideal Sunday?
    A sleep in, good company, lazing in the sun on the beach, movies in the afternoon and Japanese food for dinner.