A-Z Of Denim: Caz Leadbeater Of Riders By Lee

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posted by Kate McCart

We’re bringing you a short film series on the chameleon of fabrics, and the ladies and gents who dedicate their time to this ever evolving wardrobe staple.

We’re talking about the legends who create that timeless pair of jeans that perfectly molds and conforms to your body, takes on a life of its own, and gets better and better with age. Com’on, we all know you own a pair.

Each piece of denim is unique, and that’s because each brand and its brainchildren are unique. Meet the men and women behind the scenes. There’s no precise science – it’s the heritage of the brand, and the various influences from each designer’s world that make the perfect pair.

Meet the Head Designer of Riders by Lee, Caz Leadbeater.