Conlogue takes Margaret River Pro

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posted by James Willmott

After an explosive final day of competition at the Women’s Drug Aware Margaret River Pro, California’s Courtney Conlogue has been crowned champion, taking down number one seed, Carissa Moore in an action packed Final.

With pumping conditions at Margaret’s Main Break, it was Conlogue who took the lead early with some controlled turns, posting a 5.33 and a 5.67. Moore soon bit back with a strong score of 8.50 to take the lead, though before long it was time to trade positions yet again as Courtney struck, this time with a 8.43. Her long, drawn out turns and crucial hacks proved well enough to hold leading position for the remainder of the heat, as the Hawaiian couldn’t find another opportunity before the clock struck zero, ruining her hopes of three back to back wins for the 2015 season.

All in all, Conlogue won the final with a respective 16.93 to Moore’s 13.13, handing the number one seed the first defeat of the year.

“It’s just phenomenal,” said Courtney. “Carissa’s been on such a stellar run and I was thinking, maybe I can end it. I had a bit of a tricky start to this event and was feeling out of rhythm. On the off days I just went surfing a lot and had a bunch of fun and I think that it got me all psyched and happy for the end of the event.”

 *Imagery by WSL