Oakley In Residence: Los Angeles

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posted by James Willmott

It’s official. Oakley have revolutionised the world yet again, this time with the set up of their community space in Los Angeles, celebrating creativity in skate.

So what does that mean exactly? In the words of the guy’s themselves, the ‘Oakley in Residence: Los Angeles’ is ‘a creative hangout space and pop-up skate park for skaters and those alike to explore, participate and celebrate a shared obsession for creativity in skate.’

Free to the public and open daily until May 10th, the Residence offers everything from a schedule of workshops, exhibitions, athlete meet-ups to skate sessions and film screenings, all to benefit and inspire the next generation. Team Rider and face of Oakley skateboarding Eric Koston inspired the ‘Oakley in Residence’ concept, which as well as all the other goodies, also focuses on shining a light on LA’s most famous skate spots. Skate artist collective ‘The Art Dump’ also unveiled one of a kind art work, highlighting several well known spots around Los Angeles including the Pink Motel and famous stair sets of Santa Monica.

If you know Oakley, it’s obvious that all of this still isn’t enough. The venue will also include world famous skate photographer Atiba Jefferson curating a week long exhibition and series of activities dedicated to these chosen skate spots, admiring both the history and present days of skateboarding.

Sound good so far? Good news, the team aren’t stopping with Los Angeles. In order to transform the lives of youth by creating dynamic new paths to self-confidence, personal empowerment and responsibility for each other and their communities, ‘Oakley In Residence’ will also set up in both London and New York in order to reach their global audiences and join together to change lives for the better where ever possible.

All in all, it’s about giving back to the communities that have helped the sport grow to what it is known as today. In the words of Global Director of Brand Communications Tom Cartmale, “A sport is only as strong as the community that supports it, and that community is built on a shared obsession of the sport. Oakley in Residence: Los Angeles is a place for like-minded people to gather and celebrate their shared passion in skateboarding”