Two Minutes With Pat Moore

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posted by James Willmott

Pat Moore is known for his ability to create magic when he connects boots to bindings. From boosting out of huge kicker ramps, to dominating free terrain in the mountains backcountry, the man has solidified his name as one of the best in the business.

We caught two with Moore to chat his career highlights, which mountains have the best snow and what he gets up to outside of snowboarding.

Pat Moore filming for Art of Flight in Jackson Hole, WY, USA on 2nd of  January 2011 // Danny Zapalac/Red Bull Content Pool // P-20120217-96057 // Usage for editorial use only // Please go to for further information. //
You were repping a huge beard for a while there. How long does it take you to grow that infamous thing?
Took about a year to fully crust out, but just got a sweet summer cut so I look like a child these days.

Tell us about the recent trip and to Alaska to film for BluePrint? You did one last heli mission with John Jackson and Ben Ferguson?
Ya it was pretty insane. I went from Valdez in Alaska with the Volcom crew to Knik river with John and Ben Ferg. I had been up there before and scouted a bit before we brought the big dogs in, luckily we got a few good days in shooting and then the weather warmed up and that was it for the season. It was rad to have the experience of John leading our group and the excitement of Ben to keep things fresh. Any opportunity to snowboard in AK is just a chance you can’t miss!

You also worked with so many big names on video parts, trips, contests. What’s been some of your favourite parts?
You now each group of people I’ve gotten to shred with has brought different experiences along, way back when with the Grenade guys we were just reckless and sending it, with the Forum OG’s I was just soaking in all the knowledge and learning how to produce a film part. Now with the new opportunities to film with Volcom and Vans guys there’s really so many different styles and aspects of snowboarding that I really enjoy. I can’t really say there’s any part of my career so far that I have enjoyed more than others, its more just one giant crazy journey that I’m super fortunate to be able to take.

Who are you currently riding for?
Volcom, Red Bull, Electric Visual, Vans, Air Hole, Crab Grab, Eastern Boarder, ASS Industries.

Best part of being a part of these families?
I like where I’m at right now with my sponsors because I do my thing via snowboarding, but many of them have a presence in shit that I like outside of snowboarding. Skating, Surfing, Mountain Biking.. Winter is such a seasonal thing that its cool to have a consistent rotation of activities and such.

What influences do you have with working with your sponsors on the best products available to the market?
I think the brands I represent have a core position in snowboarding, and through that they only value making things better for it. Every time I meet up with one of my sponsors whether that’s Electric or Volcom, I find myself saying, ‘I could work here some day,’ and I think that says a lot.

What will we catch you getting up to in warmer climates? It’s just turned to summer over there. We know you like a bit of surfing and skating? Your mini ramp game is tight.
Haha, I love skateboarding, but nothing about my skating is tight! I’ve just been trying to skate as much as possible lately, I’ve also been trying some new stuff like mountain biking and dirt biking, which that shit is insane! I haven’t been surfing yet this summer, but its time to let the albino dolphin free!

Now the winter season has kicked off in the Southern Hemisphere, are you venturing down this way shortly?
There’s talks of it for sure, I think we’re keeping an eye on how the season turns out to decide where we are going to go. I’ve never been to Australia so it’s on my hit list!

What music preps you for a day on the mountain?
Depends on who I’m driving to the mountain with, lately its been a lot of Hank 3, he’s been my go to right now.

Which country has the best mountains in the world and why?
Well some of my favorite are Jackson Hole, Whistler, Squaw for North America. Those resorts just have endless gnarly terrain. Japan has some of the best snow I’ve ever ridden. This winter I got to go to Switzerland and Italy, and for me the mix of amazing mountains and international culture made those trips really rad. But I would say all in all the best mountains I’ve ever ridden are Alaska. It’s just so gnarly up there and the terrain is so big, its like getting the final level of a video game, everything you’ve learned up to that point is really put to the test.

How do you get yourself prepared to tackle some of the most intimidating slopes in the world?
Just by taking in all the knowledge you learn from the mountains and the confidence you have in your decisions. The mountains have an agenda, so just being in the environment and understanding all the possibilities, knowledge is power out there!

Who else do you usually board with? What makes them so much to cruise with?
Usually with Jake Welch, we were on Forum together and are really good friends. Most of the time we just go up to Brighton and lap, he’s just a good dude all in all.

Tell us 3 things that are on your bucket list.
Right now its all skating, Frontside airs, 360 flip and to front smith something deep.

Tell us about your career highlights so far? You’ve had way too many to list.
I would just say having a promodel board on Forum and getting my own Volcom film. Mr. Plant was probably the biggest highlight of my career so far.

Growing up in North Hampshire, how did it shape your style and flow both on and off the mountain?
I think mostly appreciating the good days when they come. On the east we get all sorts of weather and conditions, so when its good you gotta get after it. I take that with me now, get there while you can type of mentality.

What age did you start boarding and who were the idols you looked up to?
I started snowboarding when I was about 8, my first favorite riders were guys like Todd Richards, Terje, Ross Powers. I started off riding halfpipe mostly so it was just the guys on top back then.

You are known for blowing us away with your mix of street and mountain video parts, and also in your contest performances. Which do you prefer?
Powder for sure, all the other stuff is great while you wait for the snow, but anyone who’s ridden good pow knows that’s all that matters!

What’s the best way to unwind after a big day boarding?
Hangin with the boys and reminiscing! Usually with a tasty beverage!

What’s next for Pat Moore?
Making plans right now for next season’s plans, pretty excited to work on another big project!

*Imagery by Tim Peare/Red Bull