Stab in the Dark: Rod Dahlberg of Dalhberg

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posted by Kate McCart

Welcome back to Stab in the Dark. By now you’ve seen what Julian Wilson did with our collection of cleanskin boards from the world’s best shapers. You also know that Darren Handley (DHD) won. But, now it’s time to meet the gentry behind the other crafts that made for such compelling viewing in our mini-documentary.

Rod Dahlberg, 62 years old, has been shaping for 41 years and still believes in the value of a custom board: “This board isn’t based on a ‘board model’, I think that movement has gone way overboard, it’s a wank, I don’t get it. If anything, the shaper should relate to the surfers, a Mick Fanning model, a Joel Parkinson model. I’m a custom board shaper, I don’t do stock like a lot of other shapers, and I shape for a wide range of surfers.”

Board #16, which Rod crafted for Stab in the Dark, certainly had its moments for Julian.It was quite a narrow board, and fun to ride for sure. It wasn’t one of my favourites but I liked that it was easy to get speed, and I didn’t have to work too hard to get a good trim. As for who shaped it, I have no idea. I haven’t ridden a board that felt like it before. It had a small tail, narrow nose, narrow through the middle, bit it was surprisingly fun.”

Dial in with Rod in Yamba, above.