Stab in the Dark: Marcio Zouvi of Sharp Eye

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posted by Kate McCart

Welcome back to Stab in the Dark. By now you’ve seen what Julian Wilson did with our collection of cleanskin boards from the world’s best shapers. You also know that Darren Handley (DHD) won. But, now it’s time to meet the gentry behind the other crafts that made for such compelling viewing in our mini-documentary.

Marcio Zouvi is the man who makes Filipe Toledo’s contest-winning crafts. He’s a 48-year-old based in San Diego, and has been shaping for 29 years. He made 2400 boards in the last year, and two of those were for Stab in the Dark: “I actually made two boards, the second board came out good and I liked it. It’s based on the Oliver Kurtz model. It has a lot of rocker and Filipe Toledo uses it a lot when the waves are good, so it was my best bet to suit West Oz. This board will need energy and punchy waves.”

Says Julian of the #13: “Thirteen would require a steep, clean wave like Indonesia. I’d love to ride it at Macaronis; any wave with a perfect, steep wall that doesn’t change. You could get really mechanical on it. You’d have really good control once you got the fins through the lip. I’d take it on a boat trip any day.”

Step into Marcio’s crafting bay above.