WATCH: John John Florence & View From A Blue Moon

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posted by James Willmott

If there is one surf movie to be both anxiously and patiently waiting for, much like a little kid on the night before Christmas, it’s the much anticipated release of ‘View from a Blue Moon”, a film by non other than John John Florence, Blake Kueny and the Brain Farm family.

Following the last exciting three years of the amazing life of John John, the flick will also feature the likes of Nathan, Ivan and Alex Florence, Bruce Irons, Jamie O’Brien, Koa Rothman, Jordy Smith, Koa Smith, Frank Solomon, Filipe Toledo and more.

“I’ve always been interested in documenting my travels,” says John. “Maybe it was because my mom had us on the road so much when we were kids. She was into photography, which got me into it. It’s fun to capture memories and take them home with you.”

The teaser of ‘View from a Blue Moon’ was first officially posted by John John himself, just before 4am when the most recent blue moon (which was the first in three years – ironic right?) was at its highest. Since then, phones, email’s and social media channels have been going off the hook around the world as we all sit patiently for the official release, so stay tuned!

Whether you like to admit it or not, John John is considered one of, if not the best surfers in the world and the film will be a banger, expecting to blow other films out of the water with it’s high quality film techniques and unique surfing locations. So forget the average similar surf clips most films seem to love, this one is on a whole new level.

“At one point, I made a list of all my favorite places to live and surf. I narrowed it down to seven, blocked out big chunks of time and invited my friends and family along. In some places, we’d set up camp for weeks, even months. In Hawaii, we documented two full winters. This film represents some of the highlights of the past three years.”