It's time to stand firm on soft sand with the Global Wave Conference

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posted by Kate McCart

We’ve all heard the news reports and read the stats… “Our planet is warming…”, “Soon there will be more plastic in the sea than fish…”, and “The ocean is becoming more acidic…”.

It all sounds like doom and gloom. But seriously, loosing a healthy planet to live on can be likened to loosing your own personal health.

Don’t fall victim to human nature, and forget what we have and miss it when it’s gone. As surfers, we thrive in the outdoors – we love the expansive ocean and the incredible coastlines. And, finding ourselves amidst nature on a regular basis means this issue is even more important for us! I know it sounds like a cliche, but each and every individual really can make a difference to the challenges our future faces. We need you to help take responsibility!

So, what can you do? Well for a start, let the Global Wave Conference (GWC) which sustainability issue in surfing is the most important to you and why? Tell them how you really feel in this (super) quick survey.

The GWC is a forum that brings together the greatest minds in surfing and sustainability. The conference are tasked with figuring out the best approach to tackling some of the challenges the surfing world will encounter in the 21st century.

The GWC want to give you guys the chance to have your say on what’s most important, so the conference can really work towards taking on the issues that matter to you. This is why you NEED to fill out the (super) quick survey. Please, and NOW!

After all, we’re all citizens of this pale blue dot that we call home, and without the combined effort and a unified global consciousness, we set ourselves back further and further each year.

We can all make a difference to the future of this planet, how much is up to you!