5 Surf Trip Essentials With Ellie-Jean Coffey

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posted by James Willmott

Young female surfers of the world, this one is for you! Just imagine… You’ve booked a dream getaway with your girls to score perfect waves and enjoy all round good times. Suddenly, it’s the day before your adventure away begins, and you are stuck with the thought, “What am I going to pack!?”

Lucky for you, Ellie-Jean Coffey is a seasoned veteran (despite her age) when it comes to travelling the world in search of the world’s best waves. And yes, she also knows what essential items can make, or break a surf trip away.

Here are Ellie’s top 5 essential items for any warm water surf trip:

1. Boards
By far the first crucial item of any surf trip, and indeed the preferred item for any board bag. Depending on the length of your stay and the certain chosen destination of the trip determines how many boards to take. This can also effect the variety of shapes chosen for your travel quiver. For beginners looking to surf just here and there, one board will be fine. For those looking to push their surfing abilities into the high performance side of things, three boards plus is recommended.

2. Bikini’s
For any tropical getaway, surf trip or not, a few good sets of bikini’s is a must. You’ll probably be living in these more than any other item, so a few different styles is suggested. Anything from playful, colourful cuts to one pieces for extra sun protection is recommended.
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3. Hardware
Take everything from extra legropes, to fins, wax, fin keys and wax combs. Some surfing destinations may not have provide the simplicity of strolling down to your local surf shop to pick these up as needed, so be safe from the start and take some back up supplies.

4. Electronics
Lets face it, no one likes getting bored on a plane, or at all for that matter. Ellie-jean makes sure she’s fully equipped with a fully charged phone and a laptop to stay sane in both the downtime between surfs and of course, the journey to and from the holiday destination itself.

5. Coffee
Yes, coffee and yes, it’s also her surname. Don’t be fooled though, her love for the morning beverage is totally in its own league. Ellie packs her own ready-to-go machine, equipped with coffee pods to ensure she has her morning caffeine hit covered.

‘We take our own coffee machine in with the pods. At some places the coffee is so bad and its crucial to have a good coffee!’