Best In The Biz: The Phantom JJF II Boardshorts

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posted by James Willmott

If there is one surfer to shine in the limelight more than any other recently, it’s Mr. John John Florence. With his incredible feature film ‘View From A Blue Moon’ just around the corner, the hype around the young Hawaiian (who some say best surfer in the world) has never been higher.

Evidently proving himself all year round in the most challenging conditions around the world, having the best products on the market is a pure necessity for Florence, and that’s where the masterminds at Hurley come into play. Introducing the Phantom JJF II Boardshort, the most talked about pair of trunks to ever hit the market.

Designed to achieve maximum comfort, style and performance for all surfers, the Phantom JJF II offer a variety of technical features which solidify Hurley’s position as the top of the ladder leader in the world of performance boardshorts.

To begin, the Hyperfuse waistband fused with interior reinforcement provides stability and comfort for everything from playful to heavy conditions. Furthermore, they are composed of a single, continuous piece of Phantom stretch fabric, offering an incredible lightweight feel in the water, a must for high performance surfing. The inclusion of a cire’ interior also provide minimal chafing, with a closure system laser-cut down from the waistband to ensure minimum drag. If there is one pair of boardshorts that will blow away any other feel in the water, it’s the Phantom JJF II Boardshort.

“John John Florence’s style has had a massive impact on our design,” confirms Hurley Creative Director Ryan Hurley. “His style is powerful, natural, dynamic, completely unapologetic – and he does all of these things in the most diverse environments. We’re beginning to adapt our product solutions and engineer them to his exact specifications.”

Hurley Phantom JJF II Elite Boardshort – Carbon GreenMBS00039203LC-HURLEY-1


Hurley Phantom JJF II Boardshort – Black A



Hurley phantom JJF II Boardshort – Carbon Green