Real Axe: Japan

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posted by James Willmott

Welcome to the next installment of Real Axe. Created by none other than Creed McTaggart and Toby Cregan, the fresh flick focuses on the incredible culture and amazing waves Japan has to offer. If you’ve ever been one to travel with a bunch of buddies to new locations in search of pumping waves, new experiences and all round good times, this one is for you.

Accompanied by West Oz super grom Shaun Manners and local Japanense legend Kaito Ohashi, Toby and Creed explored around the Miyazaki region chasing epic swells, karaoke fuelled nights and everything else in between.

“We were getting up at like 4:30am to go surf since it gets light so early,” says Toby. “Then there’s always a lot of driving. But we’d literally stop at the minimart like every 20 minutes. We were rolling pretty deep with a fair crew, so we’d stop and hit them way too often, to the point where we’d never get to surf (laughs). Everyone was just scoffing shit tons of sushi.

We’ve seen them do New Zealand, Western Australia and across the rest of Australia, well now its Japan’s turn to be apart of the action. Whatever you are doing for the next 10 minutes, it can wait.