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posted by James Willmott

CM_2015Nov04_0687Thanks for chatting Curren, you legend! How’s your time been Down Under?
Yeah, it’s been really good, I always love coming here. Never really bummed on getting on the 14 hour flight from Los Angeles. The last time I was here was about 2 years ago, but before that I came every year. It’s good to be back!

Tell us about the all important event you are here for?
We’re over here for Oakley In Residence: Sydney, pretty much just hanging out and having a good time! Skating when we can, when its dry that is. Sydney’s been pretty wet lately.

We saw Oakley did the same event in Los Angeles a little while ago, is it the same type of vibe?
Pretty much, I mean L.A. is tough scene, and out here is much more mellow. I feel like the people out here are way cooler, but this space is a lot bigger than the L.A. one, that was pretty cramped so it’s good to have a bit more space. I’d say the Aussie one is better.

What’s the best thing about these Oakley In Residence events?
I guess the best things are the people and I get to see all these amazing photos and skate art. It’s not too often you get to see 3 really amazing artists and all their amazing work come together in one spot.

Who else from the Oakley family made the trip to Sydney with you?
It’s me, Sean Malto and Atiba Jefferson. Koston (Eric) couldn’t make it unfortunately, he’s filming for a new video part.

Apart from the Oakley event, what else are you getting up to while you are in Australia?
Skating when we can, and definitely a bit of surfing. That’s one of the reasons I love coming to Australia, for the good waves and skate spots. I’ve only really surfed Bondi and Manly in the past, so looking forward to getting up the Sydney’s Northern Beaches and trying to score some waves.

Tell us something about yourself that not many people would know?
I enjoy shaping surfboards, and shape a lot of the boards I actually ride. I also like shooting photo’s every now and again too.

One a scale of 1 – 10 (10 being the best ever), how much do you like Vegemite?
Vegemite. Wow. Not too fond of Vegemite… So probably a….. 3? I haven’t even had it this trip yet. I like salty things. I guess if you have it properly it’s not too bad.

One aspect of the event is that you were seated on a panel with Atiba Jefferson and Sean Malto. What did people get out of this?
We talked a lot about The Latch, in specific the design we and how we all contributed. The Latch (coming soon!) is a new sunglass we all collaborated on and designed with our Oakley family. We all knew what we wanted before we started, more of a trendy and fun style of glasses, instead of the regular Frogskin style. Some how the money clip vibe got bought up, and the magic all happened and came together. We’re really stoked!

How do you juggle both surfing and skating?
I usually just surf in the mornings, then go skate in the afternoons. Unless the waves are really good, then I’ll stay out and surf all day.

Choice: Pumping waves to yourself, or a fresh skatepark of your design to yourself?
If i only get to do it once? Damn that’s a hard one! It’s pretty equal. If they were at the same place I’d love to just do them both! That’s a super hard decision.

Being in Sydney, you’ve obviously hit up the famous Bondi Bowl. What’re your thoughts on the place? It obviously merges both skating and surfing together with its location.
It’s cool! I love it. It’s kind of like Venice in a way, but a cleaner, nicer version. Different people like European’s and stuff too. You always see something new and funny when you are down Bondi way too.

Tell us about your quiver of surfboards and your favourite one to ride when at home in California?
I have a heap of boards, so it’s hard to really pick one. I have a couple I really like but just broke one of my favourites. All the ones I really like seem to break really early, I think because I like them really light. But yeah, I have a heap of boards for different conditions so it’s too hard to choose a favourite. It always depends on the day.maxresdefault
Have you been getting Malto and Atiba out for any paddles on this trip to Australia?
Haha, no! I don’t think they want to surf at all. I mean, Malto is from Kansas City, so nah!

Best things about skating tranny (ramps) over street?
I’d say it’s the lower impact. Even though sometimes you fly all the way to the flats. I’m more comfortable and grew up skating tranny and only started skating street when I got to around 10 years old, so tranny for me is more comfortable and more fun.

Tell us some items that always make it into your travel bag and why?
I travel pretty light. Clothes, extra boards, a Nixon speaker for sure, this trip I actually brought a Playstation because there was meant to be heaps of rain. I’m playing Call of Duty at the moment and love it. Though now I’ve taken it on this trip, it might be one for all future ventures too.

What is next on the cards?
Nothing too hectic going on right now, though a week after this trip I’m heading to Hawaii for the Target Women’s contest. Then a Vans South America trip consisting of demo’s and touring. Exciting times!

Curren’s Favourites:

R151563ABLK-RVCA-1RVCA Pommier Palm Tree Snapback Cap
R152187OCEAN-RVCA-1RVCA Angles Shirt
R153275SLA-RVCA-1RVCA Stapler Pant
VN-0EE3BLK-VANS-1Vans Authentic Shoe

*Imagey by Oakley & unknown.