#TOURNOTES: Waiting for swell on the North Shore

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posted by James Willmott

Although the run of swell has officially begun on Hawaii’s North Shore, there are still plenty of days spent without pumping Pipeline, Sunset or many of the other waves the world famous strip has to offer. In turn, surfers are then required to search for other remedies of fun and adventure, of which Oahu has plenty to offer. Whether it be finding a grovel session somewhere along the Kamehameha, throwing yourself off Waimea rock jump, or a journey to see the islands epic scenery, there is always something to keep you sane when waiting for the next day of pumping waves.

In this latest episode of Stab’s Tournotes, we follow Barron Mamiya, Makana Pang and Kalani Rivero as they tackle Keiki shorebreak on a blow up mattress and find some mediocre waves at Rocky Point and Log Cabins with John John, Ace Buchan, Yadin Nicol and more.