A Sunny Disposition - Episode 1: Three Blue Ducks

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posted by sgallaher@surfstitch.com

Most people hate their jobs… It’s just a fact. There is, however, a select few who’ve really thought about the whole vocation thing, and have sculpted their lifestyle so that they can spend the majority of the sunlight hours wearing boardshorts. These are the stories of these visionaries, welcome, to a Sunny Disposition.

In this episode, we meet the boys behind Three Blue Ducks – a culinary institution in Sydney that paved the way for the current wave of trending ‘farm to table.’ Like all savvy entrepreneurs, the boys were set up for the organic storm, and when it hit, they harnessed the breeze from their Bronte cafe and blew up to Byron Bay to open a second shop. The awesome thing about the hospitality industry is that you have a good slice of the daylight hours free. Come and meet the ducks, they’re smiling because they’re reaping the rewards of a well-executed plan.



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