A Morning With Ozzie Wright

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posted by James Willmott

Hailing from the shores of Sydney and recently relocating to beautiful Byron Bay, Ozzie Wright has built his reputation on the pure stoke and unique full of life style he brings to surfing’s table. To add to his surfing resume, the man is also the frontman for his band Goons Of Doom, a proud father and one hell of artist, holding it all down at once and enjoying every moment of it.

Known for his stand out surfing innovation and punk rock, 90’s grunge era style, Ozzie is never one to shy from his easy going roots, and whether it be surfing, hanging with his groms or creating mind blowing art pieces, there seems to never be a dull moment. But surely there is more to the man that most people call the best free-surf artist on the planet, right?

We caught up with the man himself to talk where he draws inspiration, his band – Goons Of Doom, his morning routine and much more.

Ozzie, thanks for catching up mate. How’s life?
Pretty good life here on Earth for me personally right now. I’m stoked!

You’ve got one of the most raw, unique styles and attitudes in the surfing scene. Did inspiration flow from anywhere in particular or did you just draw it from yourself?
I have been inspired by so many great artists before me and now the new generations are just as inspiring as the older ones which is interesting when you get a bit older and the youth just blow your mind.

Your art work is next level amazing. When did you first start?
Thanks! I have been drawing and painting ever since I was a little kid… never stopped and never plan to!

Have you got a favourite piece? 
I’ve got a few favourite pieces one of them is a painting I did in Bali called the Anti Bad Vibe Shield… I have painted a few of these shields actually, but I like it because it seemed to make a good impression on a lot of people. Almost every day someone will send me a message saying that they really like it or something, so it’s nice to give stoke to that many people with one painting.

Your band, Goons of Doom, is now over 12 years old. Did you ever expect that to happen?
I don’t know if we ever thought about the future but I never expected us to break up, we are lifelong friends and the band will be going till we die in some shape or form. It’s never been a very serious band, just a good time screaming and making a lot of noise, travelling with your best mates and meeting people all over the world.

Biggest achievement as a band?
Getting a level of playing where it actually resembles music and people can listen to it without their fingers in their ears…

What about your biggest achievement in surfing?
My nephew Kyte Crawford made a speech about me at his primary school the other day and he said things like “if you Google the worlds longest barrel well my uncle Ozzie comes up second!” Haha! He said lots of other things, but I guess it’s nice to influence and inspire kids to do healthy creative things that make them happy.

Do you find that you have calmed down a little since starting a family?
Sort of, I mean it takes up a lot of time being a dad and you are really leading by example so you need to be as calm as possible because they will really test you. It’s a beautiful feeling being a dad, most of the time your kids are the source of so much joy.

Give us a rundown on your current living situation? Still in Sydney with the family?
I’ve just moved to Byron Bay it’s all very strange I’ve lived on the Northern Beaches of Sydney my whole life so it’s going to be interesting to see what happens up here. Rocky is at school right now for his first day at Byron public.

Best thing about being a father?
Always having your little buddies there to play with you.

Have you got a everyday crew you roll with?
Mylee my girlfriend and our little kiddies rocky and Goldie… we rock and we roll all over the place.

Inspiration to draw your unique style of fashion?
I never really think about it too much I guess I get sentimental about certain things like I have a few favourite items of clothing that I wear all the time  I like bright colours and  Volcom make the best jeans ever so I got lucky there.

Tell us who you currently ride for?
Volcom , Sanuk, Electric, Santa Cruz , Vampirate surfboards and Gorilla Grip.

What’s the best thing about working with these sponsorship families, for example, Sanuk?
Well I only just got on the team, but I’m stoked because I think they have a really rad team and a super positive vibration… They also have really comfy shoes which is a bonus!

How do you help them ensure your thoughts get heard and help with the development of the brand?
If anyone wants my opinion I’ll give it, but I think my job is just to be myself and if I get an idea that I think could be of value, throw it out there and get it in the mix. Over the years it’s been great seeing some of my ideas come to life.

What will we catch you getting up to outside of the water?
I’m living near the skate bowl right now so I’m having fun rolling around on that thing just carving it up. I’m going to find a space to setup my art studio soon so I can get to work on that.

Tell us about your morning routine?
I get up and make porridge for the kids, then make a coffee for me and Mylee, wrestle Rocky into his uniform, then go surfing!!!!

Any upcoming trips chasing waves?
Keen to get to Bali asap!

Tell us three words to describe yourself.
Surf draw and rock and roll.

Projects outside of the surf scene?
Goons Of Doom, Mylee and the milkshakes, which is my ladies band I also play in and just making art and stuff for shows and for fun.

Favourite quote to live by?
Shoot rainbows into fascism!

Where do you see yourself in 10 year’s time?
Still shooting rainbows into fascism and still doing airs and hunting down the tube.

Any shoutouts?
All my family and friends and all my sponsors and all the legends who have helped me out along the way there are so many, I appreciate it so much.

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