Meet your Maker: Ebony Eagles From Auguste

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posted by James Willmott

Known for their creative mix of bohemian inspired dresses, kimono’s, basics and much more, Auguste is one label in particular that continues to explore and grow its signature aesthetic through the sun-drenched, salty life of Byron Bay.

We caught up with Head Designer and Creative Director, Ebony Eagles to discover what a typical day at Auguste HQ is like, what principals the label was born on and find about the new and exciting Heavenly Creatures collection.

Hey Ebony, thanks for chatting with us! How are you?
Busy, but great!

Tell us about your role at Auguste?
I am the Head Designer and Creative Director.

Run us through a typical day at HQ and where you are based?
We’re based in Byron Bay – a typical day is the morning spent with the team brainstorming, catching up, drinking coffee and planning amazing things. In the afternoon I generally go into design world, and can be found on the veranda drawing.

What principals was Auguste born on?
Auguste is centered around the idea of “wearing what makes you feel beautiful”. I’m consistently inspired to create clothing that women can create memories in. The pieces are designed for the special times of our lives – long weekends, days by the sea and travelling. Our philosophy “She Lives Free” ties in with this – it’s about living a life that feels authentic and wearing pieces that make you feel like yourself.

Describe your team in 3 words?
Fun, productive and compatible.

Tell us about the collection Heavenly Creatures?
Heavenly Creatures is an ode to Island Living. After ten years living in Bali, I’m making the move back to Byron Bay with my family. Heavenly Creatures pays homage to the best parts of Island Living and the decade I spent in Indonesia. On the flip side, as I move back to Byron, this collection also feels a lot like “coming home” in terms of my designs – the styles in this collection feel really authentic to me. Although Auguste will always be inherently feminine, some pieces from Heavenly Creatures have a slight tomboy edge . I had a lot of fun adding collars and buttons up into the mix, then softening them with soft boho prints or ethereal shapes.

Any favourite pieces from the range?
Im a big fab of a shirt so I love the shirts and also forever n love with a maxi skirt….

You spend a lot of time in Bali for the label, what do you do with your time there?
Bali is where the bulk of our production is run – I spend my time there working with my long standing and incredible production team, designing, sampling, creating, playing…..

Are there particular places or people that you draw inspiration from?
For the last ten years I have lived between Bali and Byron, and the gorgeous, nomadic women who pass through both places are definitely my inspiration. I also design a lot for my own lifestyle (and wardrobe!) drawing on shapes and prints that feel effortless and beautiful.

Who would you dress if you could dress anyone in Auguste?
Hmm, too many gorgeous woman to name one!

What will we catch you wearing from the latest release?
I live in basics and maxi skirts so I pretty much own every maxi skirt I have ever made.

What is the design process, from the initial pen to paper to the release of a collection?
I generally start with the print and I’ll build shapes around that. I’ll always hand draw a range first and then get to work with my graphics designer, dropping prints into shapes and seeing what works. Without fail I re-design 80% of the range the day before we finalise the range. We then whip up the samples, shoot our campaign and the range is available to our customer a couple of months later.

How do you wind down from a busy day at the office?
Deep breaths! A cuddle from my daughters, maybe a long swim in the sea and glass of vino.

Most ideal way to spend a Sunday?
Turn my phone off, coffee, poached eggs, a morning swim with my two little ones and some beach or chilled home time, wine with friends.

What can we see coming out of Auguste in 2016?
I’m really excited about our new collection launch, we shot it with one of my closest friends in the magic of the Aussie desert – stay tuned!

Discover Ebony’s Favourites:

459ICVVLT-AUGUSTE-1Auguste Indias Calling Kimono
AUG-HC2-127-PJPAS-AUGUSTE-1Auguste Wild Flower Maxi Skirt
AUG-HC2-134WHT-AUGUSTE-1Auguste Boho Baby Top
477SMSMAG-AUGUSTE-1Auguste Boho Darling Maxi Skirt