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posted by James Willmott

With the philosophy ‘no two skins are alike’, it’s no wonder Ella Bache has seen huge success and has become a firm leader in the beauty industry. With a product range now bigger than most competitors can dream of, the label continues to provide top of the line skin care to millions of people all around the world, encompassing healthier, happier skin and spreading the word of beauty and skin protection.

We caught up with CEO Pippa Hallas to discuss everything from a typical day in the office, to the visions of her ancestor pioneers and what to expect to come out of the brand in 2016.

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Hey Pippa, thanks for chatting with us! How are you?
Thank you, I’m great and really looking forward to our new partnership with SurfStitch which is such a natural synergy for our businesses as so many surfers seek out our sun screen and cult zinc products. We are excited to launch the new look sun and tan products with you.

What has 2015 been like for you?
2015 has been an exciting year with the continuation of the roll out of our new brand campaigns, new products, stores, growth of our education facility and online learning courses and of course SurfStitch which will make our products more accessible in the Australian market. We are really excited to work more closely with the youth market especially in the surf and beach culture which is very close to my heart growing up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Tell us what a day in the life of a CEO is like?
Life is busy as a CEO with two young sons! My day starts early and if I am in the office I try to get in early before anyone else to have some thinking and planning time. My time is spent working on future initiatives for the business or daily operation. We create and manufacture our products here in Australia, run a premium beauty college, operate 180 franchise stores and in David Jones plus expanding our online business, so there is always something exciting going on. I love working with my team, seeing our customers and particularly getting involved with the marketing. I try and leave the office early to get home and spend time with my sons or jump into the ocean which clears my mind.

You decided to rebrand Ella Bache in 2014, what was the reason for that?
Brands need to keep moving and innovating to maintain relevance, we needed to refresh the way we communicated with our customers and our imagery across the whole Ella Bache journey to ensure we are a contemporary brand without letting go of our wonderful heritage and past, so our past and future customers continue to fall in love with us .

How did you go from a career in Marketing and Advertising to becoming the CEO of such a successful company?
Ella Bache is a family business and I am a third generation CEO, so the brand has always been in my blood. I have a passion for marketing and brand building, which is why I spent a decade in advertising. The opportunity came up to join Ella Bache nearly 10 years ago, so I took it and spend 4 years heading up marketing before making the leap into the CEO role.

Your great Aunt and Grandmother were the pioneers of the brand, what was their vision for Ella Bache?
Ella Bache, my great Aunt was an early innovative of skin care. Her passion and vision was to create the highest quality formulations that provided results on the skin. My grandmother was a Beauty Therapist whose passion was the skin and knowledge of the skin’s function and individuals conditions. These two amazing woman worked together to deliver skin health through the knowledge of the skin and products to treat the skin. The unique Australian climate influenced what was developed. They never set out to build a successful business, but success followed their passion and life work. They both were pioneers in establishing the industry both in Australia and overseas.

Describe the Ella Bache team in three words?
Energetic, passionate and creative.

Tell us a bit about the Suncare range from Ella Bache?
Our sun care range is unique. Whilst it will provide the highest protection from the Aussie sun, it is filled with great ingredients which will feed your skin and keep it healthy too. The range was originally developed by my father at whale beach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, out of a need for protecting your skin from the sun, not stinging your eyes while surfing or swimming, and good for your skin. Our products continue to innovate out of the needs of the Australian lifestyle and new innovative ingredients. We have a few new products in the pipeline ready to launch next year.

Tell us about The Ella Bache College of Skin and Beauty Therapy?
The Ella Bache College is Australia’s premier college that educates future beauty therapists. You can study either in our purpose built facility in Sydney or online from anywhere at anytime through our online education platform we launched last year. The growth of the college over the last few years has been very exciting as it creates the future therapists who go onto work in our stores or open their own business. We are the only educational provider in the industry which offers a diploma level education attached to the industry.

What helps you wind down from a busy day at the office?
I love the ocean or spending time with my kids. Both force you to be in the moment!

Passions outside of skincare?
Spending time with my kids is my priority as they are still both young. So we spend time on the beach together or with friends and family. I try and get to yoga as much as I can.

Can we expect to see anything new coming out of Ella Bache in 2016?
2016 is looking like an exciting year for us. We are launching new skin care products and treatments, new marketing campaigns and a focus on new technologies to re-build all of our digital assets whilst we focus on our social media to improve the way customers experience to brand both on and offline. We will continue to open new stores around Australia as well as grow our online business to ensure we remain accessible. Our education and training will launch new courses to ensure our knowledge of the skin grows, we pass this onto our customers and provide the best results for every individual’s skin.

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