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Last week, we commissioned Jay Button to help us shoot Thomas Bexon for our Thomas x Raen Competition… And the guy was so interesting and epic, we decided to take a few photo’s of him, and ask him a few questions about who he is, where he’s come from, and where he’s going. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a short interview with this inspirational human!

Hi Jay. Thanks for hanging out. How are you?
Hey mate! I’m great thanks!

Let’s start at the beginning – when did you first discover film?
Film has always influenced me since a young age. My aunty was a Director and being around her shaped me in many ways. I really explored film further at the age of 13 with my brother when he got his first Video camera it was a big chunky Hi 8. We used it until we drowned it in a water housing a few years later.reboxdoc for surfstitch-42
Your love of Film and your love of Surfing seem to be inextricably linked. Would you classify yourself as a Surf Filmmaker?
I grew up on the beach. Surfing has always played a massive part in my life style. It’s how I decompress. While I was growing up, like other Groms, my friends and I took it in turns to film each other and make funny, little edits. I defiantly enjoy working in the surf industry; however, over the past few years I have been following my bigger dreams and working towards directing feature films.jayboy
But do you think, being a surfer, you have an added advantage when shooting in and around the ocean?
Yes definitely. Spending so many countless hours at the beach, gave me the opportunity to understand the way the ocean works. Reading the waves, has become second nature to me I guess. Add a camera into the mix around the ocean and it can be quite tricky. Having this understanding definitely enables me a lot more freedom then others.
You surf amazingly. Did you ever want to be pro?
Maybe when I was 12 (What kid doesn’t want to be pro at that age haha)! I really just enjoy free surfing with friends, family and long boarding with my girlfriend.bazafreeze surf
Do you prefer to shoot solo or in a team?
In a team… Always!
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And you work very closely with your girlfriend Catie Allen Right?

YES! Catie is a photographer so we work closely together on most projects. It’s so cool to work with someone i’m so close to. We both know each other so well, and can almost have conversations without saying a word to each other.. She is my Business Partner and my best friend… She is my muse haha! sunflowpowerteamTell us about a film you’ve done that you are most proud of?
My favourite film to date was working on a feature film in Vienna, Austria. I worked under the director Curt Faudon it was an amazing opportunity to be mentored by him while we were on set every day together.
oz tree AHaustreeeahboyziesWhat would be your ideal film project?
To direct a feature film based on a true adventure story (like Everest) – Mind blowing!
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