Meet The Family: The Coffey's

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posted by James Willmott

It was only when the kids were at quite a young age that the Coffey family decided to pack up from life on Sydney’s Curl Curl beach and join the life on the road, chasing swells and adventure around our beautiful coastlines of Australia. Before long, they eventually found themselves parked up for good at the Gold Coast’s beautiful southern suburb of Coolangatta, and have stayed relatively put ever since, now surfing and loving life more than ever before.

With the world-class breaks of Snapper Rocks, Kirra, Duranbah and the Tweed coast right at their very doorstep, life in the water, and on a board for that matter, was never a question. The family of 7 are constantly seen out in the local line-ups and are known to never hold back from showcasing their skills and charging harder than almost anyone else in the water.

From their incredible skills on a board, to their love of travel and adventure, to their huge social media followings, the Coffey’s are the picture perfect family you’d envision in your mind when thinking of a typical Aussie surf family, full of adventure, good looks, bronzed skin and great personality.

Now, let’s meet them:

Born on the 25th November, 1994, Ellie-Jean has accomplished so much in her young, thriving career. 2015 was up there with one of the most exciting years yet for the stunning 21 year old, with plenty of frequent flights chasing swells and the Qualifying Series Tour around the world. The year also saw her collaboration series ‘Over The Rainbow’ come to life alongside both SurfStitch and Billabong, highlighting her unforgettable travels, dreams and journey of self-discovery when chasing a spot on World Tour. Now, with a handful of sponsors strapped firmly beneath her belt (including SurfStitch, Billabong, Dakine, Von Zipper & more), the future continues to look bright as she continues on the path in search of a spot on the world circuit, all while training hard and having fun along the way. What keeps Ellie in the water? The beautiful colours, being with her family and friends and having nothing but good times all day, every day.

Born on the 11th of January, 1996, Jackson George Coffey is no stranger to Australia’s surf scene. The 20 year old scored a bunch of standout, unforgettable sessions throughout the entire year of 2015, including pumping days at South Straddy, Kirra and even catching the big swell that hit Indonesia earlier in the year (the same swell that Craig Anderson scored Kandui’s), of which he claims he got the best wave of his life. With plans to drop an epic full feature clip sooner rather than later highlighting some huge airs and big, long barrels, , Jackson also wants to try his luck at a few Qualifying Series events to feed his hunger and decide whether the full competitive route is a path he wishes to follow. Like his older sister, he also has quite the impressive resume of sponsors including Billabong, GoPro, Von Zipper, Shapers and more, which all support him both in and out of the water. When asked what keeps him surfing every day, the reply of ‘It’s the feeling that only a surfer would know…’ was of course the answer.

Third to the throne in the Coffey family, is Holly-Daze. Now at age 17, the young surfer/model follows closely in the footsteps of her Ellie-Jean, tearing apart the local line-ups and making a strong name for herself in both action packed scenes. 2015 saw Holly travel to El Salvador with father Jason for a two week stint, experiencing and learning about new cultures, new waves and new experiences. This year also has lots in store for the up and comer, with goals already set in place to increase training in hopes of making the World Tour as soon as possible and live the dream all young female surfers strive for. Currently surfing for Von Zipper many more big names, Holly’s competitive nature, particularly with her older sister, keeps her out in the water every day, with both often surfing ‘fake’ heats against each other, helping push the limits of their surfing.

Ruby-Lee Coffey
Born on the 10th of March, 2000, Ruby-Lee, much like everyone else in her family, loves to be in the water every day without fail. A family trip to Crescent Head on the New South Wales north coast last year saw her love for the sport shine more than ever before, as she now joins her older siblings in dominating the line-ups in her very own front yard. She loves to listen to Beyoncé in her downtime, and loves the feeling of riding a wave and feeling free as a bird. This year, Ruby plans to continue surfing with family to push herself, and hopes to beat both Ellie and Holly in a family fun heat in the water very shortly.

At age 13, Bonnie Lou is the youngest member of the Coffey clan. Much like older sister Ruby, Bonnie inspires to surf and follow the path of her older sisters, chasing the never-ending pursuit of time in the ocean. Last year saw her jump on a board, and now with home-schooling a day to day venture for the young Virgo, it’s safe to say surfing will be the activity chosen for Physical Education. The family plans to do more trips together throughout the year ahead, on which is what Ruby is looking forward to most. What sparks her love for surfing? It’s the place where she is happiest, hanging out with her family and best friends all at once.