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Surfing is an interesting sport… Not just because it’s freaking awesome, but also because it attracts some seriously unique people. It seems that, since it was first catapulted from cottage enterprise into a global corporate industry in the 1970’s, the surfing discourse has been progressively split into an infinite number of tiny pieces. There’s single-fins, twin-fins, tri-fins, finless, foamless, longboards, shortboards, knee boards, belly-boards, beater boards, hand planes, concaves, hulls, chimes, flyers, stingers, pocket rockets, guns, section-connectors, double-enders and so on. And, like all members of the human population, surfers themselves can be split easily into ‘tribes’ – Locals, Competitors, Hipsters, Fundamentalists, Surf Bums, Grommets, Kooks, Pros and so on. You’ll often hear the disgruntled local say that surfing has “come full circle”, but there’s one small surf shop in Coolangatta that prefers to say it’s become a whole lot more diverse.

WATCH: Screaming Target by Sunhouse Surf

Introducing Sunhouse Surf – a small sanctuary perched on a large block of land, located in one of the oldest beach-side streets in Coolangatta, Queensland.

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Taking inspiration from the classic surf shops of the 60’s and 70’s, the Sunhouse has embraced the diverse nature of surfing, stocking everything from wild retro single-fins to modern shortboards and apparel.

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It’s fostered a community spirit in the town of Coolangatta, becoming the staple hang-out spot for a pre-surf coffee or a post-surf beer (yes, they also have a liquor license!!!!). They also host live music performances, Brand launch parties, movie screenings, markets and community events regularly.

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Since the store opened 3 years ago, the owners have been getting stoked on filming the good days around home, and have just released their first Sunhouse surfing feature, Screaming Target. They’ve caught some epic days at Snapper, Greenmount and Kirra, with cameo appearances by some of our favourite Coolangatta locals, Mick Fanning, Noa Deane, and Neal Purchase Jnr… And it’s been edited in true Sunhouse style, for your viewing pleasure!