WATCH: Real Axe by Billabong

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When the last 12 months saw you headline two of the year’s best films (Strange Rumblings and Cluster), what does that mean for the next 12?

It’s a fair question which Creed McTaggart was staring at around January. Especially when you consider the sophomore year can be a little, well, lukewarm, the worry was real. What’s next?

But Creed doesn’t fall victim to the red-eye strain of travel. He relishes it. While other travelling surfers need their time at home after a year living either side of the zips, Creed’s drawing air lines to new waves, new locations. It’s the Real Axe grind which he and best mate / house mate / filmer Toby Cregan love and document here.

Welcome to REAL AXE episode 4: Europe!