GUZZLA - with Jack Lynch and Pama Davies

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There’s a certain mystique that surrounds the South Coast of NSW. We’ve all seen the photos, editorial and clips of crew absolutely scoring perfect little slabs and rocky deep water points, but not many of us have actually taken the time to explore it for ourselves… So, last week, we sent Jack Lynch and Pama Davies in that direction, in an old Land Rover with a suitcase full of fresh Autumn gear and a quiver of boards, to see South Coast, SurfStitch Style.

When they returned home a week later tired, sore, sun-kissed and frothing, they threw this little clip together and insisted we name it GUZZLA – an affectionate reference to the fuel-guzzling automobile they had driven down the coast.

Welcome to GUZZLA!


Filmed by Nathan Foster
Music: Bed Rugs – Blinds.