#TOURNOTES: The Eddie Pre-Check

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posted by James Willmott

After 6 years of waiting patiently, the world will pleased to know The 31st annual Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau will run tomorrow at Waimea Bay. The big wave Invitational is known to be one of the most exciting events in surfing, with a strict set of criteria which must be met in order to get the green light, (including waves to be 20 feet or bigger) of which organisers have confirmed will indeed hit the bay tomorrow.

The event also has its own judging format, including two rounds, each with a maximum wave count of eight waves. Only an individual’s best four waves count toward their final score toward a perfect 100, with the factors of size, risk and how the wave was surfed being key components. The last time the Eddie ran was in 2009, with big wave guru Greg Long taking home the prestigious title after meeting these requirements in just one breathtaking heat.

In this latest edition of #Tournotes, we get a look at the carefully crafted boards some of the privileged invites will use and discover John John’s secret training food for the event.