Fin Talk: Gabriel Medina Talks His Signature Fin

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posted by James Willmott

Gabriel Medina is no stranger to deciding what equipment goes under his feet in the water. His signature fin, the FCS 2 GM has helped the man achieve a World Title and make a name for himself in competitive surfing, combining and equalizing the worlds of speed, flow and response, making it a reliable fin for every day, fun conditions. The GM also incorporates Medina’s customised flex technology, allowing for both powerful and dynamic surfing, regardless of the skillset the particular surfer may (or may not) hold.

Whether you are surfing your favourite peeling point break on a solid day, or a small, junky beachie on a crowded Saturday, the GM promises to deliver what you desire, and is one to keep in mind for your next setup.

“I like having that consistent feel so I can focus on my surfing, and not worry if my boards will respond”. – Gabriel Medina