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There’s no denying the intrinsic link that exists between Surfing and Music… The rhythm and flow it takes to play an instrument seems to translate perfectly to the coordination and style it takes to ride a wave. This is basis of our new segment, Live From The Greenroom – a chance for us to hero those musical acts that are firmly grounded in the discourse of surf. Those multi-talented individuals who’s surfing shapes their music and who’s music shapes their surfing… Welcome to Episode 1: The Babe Rainbow.

The Babe Rainbow are a bunch of super interesting cats. Born on the Southern Gold Coast, the band has been affectionately named after a small stretch of beach between Snapper Rocks and Kirra called Rainbow Bay. The boys have spent their lives in the surf, so it’s no surprise that their style of surfing has become about as retrospective and wildly automatistic as their style of music.

This year, they’ve picked up a new addition to the band, surfing icon and percussionist king Dave Rastovich… His Bongo playing and Synth effects are next-level (who would’ve guessed)! The band’s currently posted up down in Rasta’s home town of Byron Bay, recording their first Album in an old farm-house just outside of town.

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