Behind The Brand: Noa Deane On His Exclusive Capsule Collection With Rusty

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posted by James Willmott

Noa Deane collects three things; Passport stamps, amazing waves and vintage Rusty clothing.

In a joint collaboration with Rusty, we’ve teamed up with Noa to bring you a limited-release capsule inspired by the vintage pieces from his very own collection. To find out more, we caught up with Noa himself to talk about how the collaboration came to life and what we’ll catch him wearing.

1_Noa_Sample (IMG_1363)
How did you work closely with Rusty to bring this collection to life? 
I was doing a catalogue shoot in Western Australia and they said do you want to do a clothing thing? I said yeah, so we just looked through all the old ranges they had and just picked out like three things that tied together sort of from the old archives.

Describe it in three words.
Green, red and black.

Who chooses the cuts, materials and designs?
I don’t know to be completely honest. I think it’s the design team linking up with the manufacturing crew that choose the cuts, it’s just a standard cut I think. As for the designs, I kind of wanted to do some weird ones, but Dan from Rusty (the Creative dude) was kind of like “come on…” I still think the entire collection turned out sick though! I’m stoked! Definitely some of my favourite retro designs.

After working on the collection, is it something you can see yourself doing with your sponsors going forward?
Yeah for sure! I’d love to do it again, it’s fun. It’s always good wearing what you want to wear and knowing you helped with the input.

Did it all turn out exactly how you pictured?
Yeah, it actually did! I didn’t think it would to be honest, but it did, it turned out really good. They did a bunch of washes on the boardies too, I didn’t know they were going to do that but they did and it turned out sick.

What will we catch you wearing most from the collection?
Definitely the hat and the long sleeves, I like them a lot.

Who do you want to see wearing some of your designs?
I mean probably Kelly Slater, I love giving him a plug! He’s the man!

3_Noa_Sample (IMG_0893) 5_Noa_Sample (IMG_1492)
Noa’s Favourites:
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