A Moment With Surfboard Shaper Thomas Bexon

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posted by Chris Donald

We caught up with Noosa based surfboard shaper Thomas Bexon, who we found at the Noosa Festival of surfing between some beers whilst lapping up the festival vibes. Thomas’s shaping steers away from the classic short board styling, ranging from chopped square tail pocket rockets to the quintessential log. Here’s what he had to say about the week and shaping in his picturesque hometown. CE8C1408

First things first. Noosa fest are you a fan?
Yeah definitely it gets super crowded but it’s good, brings everyone back each year, get waves, get to see a whole bunch of good surfing and drink a few too many beers, can’t really complain about that.

Are you competing this year?
Yeah, I did the Mc Tavish 12 ft. trim event, the old mal and the team’s event. It’s a good chance to get First Point with 4 people.

Best place to grab a feed in Noosa?
You can’t go past the old lions van at First Point this week, $5 Rissole Burgers!

What’s the best event to watch during the festival?
The old mal or the logger.

Best thing to do in Noosa when there’s no waves?
Beers on the beach!
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What’s your favourite thing about being a shaper?
Getting to build your own boards.
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What’s your LEAST favourite thing about being a shaper?
Having to build boards when you want to go surfing.

Have you been working on anything crazy or revolutionary with your shaping lately?
Yeah I got this new secret model that’s coming out with Firewire in the next couple of months, so stay tuned hahaha…

What will we catch you riding up here?
My 10 ft. log or my 12 ft. glider.