SurfStitch X Burleigh Brewing Co. Present: Tales Of 28

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posted by James Willmott

The 70’s brought us two momentous events: a new style of pale ale beer and a perfect 28 Day swell at Burleigh Heads. Firing for over a month straight, Burleigh Point claimed many broken boards and battered bodies throughout the duration of the swell, in turn forever cementing the phrase the ‘Burleigh Barrel’ and helping push the limelight on the spot itself for the rest of the world to admire and only dream about.

To dive deeper, SurfStitch linked up with the creative minds at Burleigh Brewing Co. to tell the story through the eyes of the very locals who were there at the time, alongside Brewmaster Brennan Fielding who shared how these stories influenced the creation of the one and only 28 Pale Ale.

Join us for Part 1 where we meet the locals who were the lucky handful to be a part of the famous swell and discover what made it all so special.

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