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posted by James Willmott

After officially turning global pro for Element in April, Brisbane local Dennis Durrant is once again proving he is a force not to be reckoned with. Considered as one of skateboarding’s most humble, Durrant has established a strong reputation over the years thanks to his technical abilities teaming up with his signature relaxed, effortless style. After years abroad in Southern California, he’s now planted his feet back on Australian shores, prepping for Element’s 2016 Make It Count Tour, when himself and the brand will host the rest of the global team as they travel around the country making a difference to young skateboarders lives.

We caught up with the man himself to talk about recently turning global pro for Element, how it was being a part of game changing movie from Adidas, Away Days, what advice he’d give himself 10 years ago and more.

Congratulations Dennis, you legend! how did it feel seeing your name on that deck at the premiere when you got announced as pro?
Thank you! It was a really good feeling for sure! It’s just crazy that I have had my name on other products for years but to actually see me name on a board just makes it all feel way more legit. Such a good feeling, I’m super hyped!

It must have been great having a few of your buddies fly down from Brisbane to be there? Describe the night.
Yeah, I was so stoked that some of my really good mates made it down from Brisbane for it. The whole pro thing was a surprise so I was kinda shocked that all my mates were coming down just to see the 6-minute new world Aus video, but it kinda made sense because Alex Lawton had a part as well. When the boards came out is when I actually realised why they all came down.

How has your life changed since joining Element all those years ago, besides now being pro?
It’s been great, it feels good to be apart of something where they really involve you in everything and actually care about getting my input on stuff, and to be with some really good mates is amazing. Especially after moving back to Australia after living in the U.S for so long, it’s awesome to be back here and still have someone backing me like they do.

What are the best things about being on the team?
All the good people involved, the team and everyone else that works there, everyone is really cool and good to deal with.

You’ve got your signature collection with Element. Tell us how you work closely with the design team on executing such unique and cool range?
Like I said, everyone is really cool and easy to deal with so doing stuff like designing things is a breeze, hyped to have these kind of opportunities.

The much anticipated Adidas movie Away Days finally dropped and you travelled around the world for the premieres. Which city lit it up the most?
Yeah that was a crazy trip, pretty hectic 2 weeks. My leg of the trip was LA, Tokyo, Seoul and Melbourne, so there was only a couple days in each place. I’d say the LA premiere was probably the most lit of the premiers I went to. I guess that usually is the big one because it is always the first one. We all got to go up on stage with Snoop Dogg so that was already the most lit for me for sure.

What was it like being part of such a memorable project that will no doubt go down in history?
It was good being involved in Away Days for sure, everything from all the places I got to travel to and all the amazing people I got travel to those places with, ya can’t beat that! Adidas has a pretty big team so it’s good to be apart of such a team where there are no bad vibes or anything, everyone get’s along really well.

Who has best part and why?
To be honest I can’t really say which part is my favorite, I like all the parts and I say that because I was there for a lot of those dude’s filming a lot of tricks for their part, so I got to see a lot of the battles and amazing tricks first hand, not to mention what goes into every trick at every spot.

Your style is so smooth and relaxed, with everything almost looking like a chilled warm up. What and who helped influence this?
Not really sure if anything influenced the way I skate, kinda just skate how I skate and however it looks is just how it is I guess. I like skaters that have heaps of pop and skate fast, so I guess whenever I saw people skate like that it stood out to me.

If you give any advice to yourself 10 years ago, what would it be?
I’d tell myself to invest in Apple and also that there is going be this app called Instagram and it’s going to be the most popular thing ever! Start it now before they do! haha.

What’s next on the cards for Dennis Durrant?
I’d say just skate as much as possible and get started on trying to stack footage for the next project, hopefully more travelling to come.

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