WATCH: 2 Kooks, 1 Wedge.

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posted by James Willmott

Don’t call it a novelty wave, Newport Beach’s infamous Wedge recently woke from it’s Winter slumber and none other than Kalani Robb and Tyler Stanaland planned a proper assault on the place. These Catch Surf kooks have been unleashing an arsenal of partwave tricks around the world which has earned them the title “2 KOOKS”.

With this first Wedge worthy swell on the way, we called up the kooks to capture the chaos. The swell happened to arrive the day after Newport beaches were closed due to a fatal shark attack only a few hundred feet from the take-off zone. But with legends like Rob Machado, the Gudauskas Brothers, Punker Pat, Dillon Graves and every local charger frothing at first light, the Catch Surf crew paddled to the top of the peak and had a historic day.

5:30am Pit stop at classic Newport coffee spot Al Cappuccino for pre-surf Acai. Usually a place to get the surf report from the boys, but on this morning it was only eerie rumors of the shark attack and if the Lifeguards would re-open that dirty old Wedge.


6:01am A little scared of the Wedge, but never afraid to be a kook.

6:15am Spot check looking un-makable at first glance.

6:37am Tyler kicks off the session with a side-wave entry, back door drainer and a “Beach Erupter” as Kalani called it when the crowd went berserk.

Since he was a mini grommet Tyler has been putting in work learning the side-wash on a skimboard. He’s now a proven “Wedgend” always getting the wave of the session on his signature Catch Surf board.

The Wedge throws shade at Kalani.

No SWELL too mutant for partywave tricks.

Last Kook to the beach gets lunch at Great Mex.

A shark-free day is a good day for Kalani.

Tyler and his favorite new Catch Surf clothing.

Epic Newport taco haven, Great Mex is the post-wedge special. Taco Tues is an absolute sight to see.

Reminiscing on the super session over machaca and eggs, Kalani hears this crazy song “El Coco No” on the radio and demands the SWELL runs it for the video.

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