Introducing the Yulex Wetsuit - save the environment while you surf!

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Made with natural rubber derived from
sources which are Forest Stewardship Council®
certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

Surfers have been relying on neoprene since the ’50s, but it’s a non-renewable material with an energy-intensive manufacturing process. Now Patagonia has finally found a way to make it a thing of the past. For the last eight years, Patagonia has been pioneering and proving the use of natural rubber in wetsuits—and sharing our groundbreaking R&D work with the competition to help the industry shift to cleaner and better materials. This season marks our biggest leap yet.

From Patagonia: “By introducing the world’s first neoprene-free wetsuits, we’re reducing the CO2 emitted in the polymer manufacturing process by up to ~70% compared to conventional neoprene. It’s a radical change that’s giving surfers a chance to choose plants over petroleum and renewables over non-renewables. And by inspiring and implementing solutions to the environmental crisis, it’s a mission-driven initiative that embodies our purpose as a company. After 60 years of neoprene dependency, it’s high time to set surfing free”.

Here’s some things that make the new Yulex technology so epic: