Behind The Brand: Ebony Eagles of Auguste's Open Road Collection

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posted by James Willmott

Introducing the new collection encapsulating all things beautiful and feminine, from the label that continuously creates designs to look effortless and chic, Auguste. We had the honor to chat to the creative mind behind it all, Ebony Eagles.

When we last caught up with you, you gave us a brief tip on what we could expect for the next collection, but this is just…ahhh, we love it!

What was the inspiration behind ‘The Open Road’ campaign?
I was doing a lot of travelling at the time of designing The Open Road and I was never 100% sure where I’ll be in a week or two’s time. This allowed me to look at things a little differently, and it was in this mindset where most of the dreaming and designing was done.

What inspired the name ‘The Open Road’?
It ties in with our mantra “She Lives Free”, and reflects the lifestyle I was living at the time of designing. Long travel trips also make me think of all the moments in time the label was made for… drives up the coast chasing waves, warmer weather, or to see your favourite band at a festival. These are pieces to make memories in.



Can you talk us through what is involved in the design process, from the first sketches and samples to final product and campaign planning?
When first creating a new collection, I might not necessarily know what it will be called, but I know the feeling that I want it evoke, and the setting and vibe of the campaign. The designs tend to come naturally from here. I often start with a couple of prints that I have dreamt up and then design certain pieces around them.

Was there ever a shift in design, material, cut or print at all?
Yes, though I think the shift has been very gradual. As each collection comes and goes, I have a better idea of what the Auguste Girl really wants, and the silhouettes and prints that transform fluidly from my sketch pad to our customer’s wardrobe. So the designs are a marriage of this and what I’m inspired by at the time – music, places, spaces, film – you can see the different stimuli in each collection, definitely.


What inspired the materials and cuts for this range?
The collection celebrates the late 60’s and early 70’s. I think when a piece pays homage to era’s gone by, there’s a timelessness to it that is really special. This idea is important to me – I want the collection to be reimagined and worn by women for many seasons to come.

Can you describe the range to us in three words?
Take it easy.

How does it differentiate from previous collections?
We’ve introduced more gorgeous blouses to pair with denim on colder days, and there’s a definite focus on sleeves in this range – from embroidery to gorgeous bell-shaped styles.

With so many beautiful pieces to choose from, what would you suggest should be a staple in any female’s wardrobe?
I think this staple is different for everyone – but we all need at least one effortless piece that you feel amazing in, every time. It might be a floaty maxi or a pretty little playdress that goes with everything, but it has to transform the mood, instantly.

What will we catch you wearing?
I’ve been wearing my Willow Day Dress to death, and the Gypsy Sleeved Top is perfect with vintage jeans and boots for early mornings in the office.

And lastly, what should we expect next from Auguste?
We’ve just designed our very first swim range! The Auguste lifestyle is so coastal-orientated that this really felt like a natural progression. Stay tuned!

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