It's Snowing at Perisher!

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The Snow season in Australia technically started last weekend… But it wasn’t until last night’s Blizzard that things really kicked off. Welcome to the 2016 Ski season at Perisher Resort. Winter is no longer ‘coming’… It’s officially HERE!

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Perisher_Snow_BF-13 Photo 24-06-2016, 7 00 45 AM Perisher_Snow_BF Perisher_Snow_BF-2 Perisher_Snow_BF-4 Perisher_Snow_BF-5 Perisher_Snow_BF-7 Perisher_Snow_BF-8 Perisher_Snow_BF-9 Perisher_Snow_BF-10 Perisher_Snow_BF-11 Perisher_Snow_BF-12