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posted by James Willmott

She’s quickly cementing her footprint in both the Australian and international fashion worlds thanks to a smile that can stop traffic and personality that could light up even the darkest of rooms. Introducing Nathalie Darcas, the half American, half French beauty that perfectly defines SurfStitch culture through her beachie flair and fun loving approach to life.

We caught up with Nat to talk about breaking into the modelling industry, her favourite fitness routines, how she balances work with education and everything else in between. Come in and explore the world of Nathalie Darcas.

For those who don’t know, give us a brief rundown on who you are and what you are about?
Hey guys! My name is Nat Darcas, I’m 23 years old and currently live in Sydney. I guess you could say I’ve had a pretty interesting upbringing in the sense that my mum is American and my dad is French, so when I was younger we did a lot of travelling and I got to see lots of the world from a really young age. I went to primary school just outside of Paris, then we moved to Hong Kong for about four years, eventually pack up and make the permanent trip to Melbourne when I was about ten years old. After high school I moved up to Sydney to pursue modelling with Chic Management and I’ve never looked back!

What’s it like working with such a well renowned modelling agency like Chic Management? Do you find you’ve made some great friends along the way?
Definitely! I’ve made some of my best friends through my modelling work. It’s almost a bit of a sister hood you could say. You’ll run into each other at castings and other jobs, and it just makes everything so much more fun. I also find we’ll get teamed up with one another for certain shoots, an example being myself being blonde and my friend Casey being brunette, we often get put together to give the right look and feel across to the audience that the agency wants to portray. It’s awesome to see friendships and professional relationships blossom from something like that. It’s hard to call it work.

How did you first get introduced to the world of modelling and when did you decide that’s the career path you wanted to chase?
When I was younger I never really thought about it when too much to be honest. I actually dreamed of being an archaeologist, I was just so passionate about it! I remember around Year 8 I was on the tram in Melbourne with a bunch of my guy friends, and this tall skinny man approached us and said ‘have you ever heard of modelling?’ I was like, ‘Um…. No?’. It turned out that he was a representative from an agency, he gave me his card and it all really went from there. That’s when I started doing castings and what not. It did definitely take the big move up to Sydney to get the proper career path flowing, but then things just fell into place. I started travelling more, which then opened more opportunities, and now I’m where I am today and loving it!

Are you currently studying?
I’ve bounced around a little the past few years juggling studies with work., When I first left school I started studying biomedicine, it was something I really wanted to follow, but then my modelling work also started taking off, so I differed because I had just finished school and I didn’t know one hundred percent if medicine was for me, or if I should take a while to reassess my decision and not rush into anything. I didn’t want to feel pressured. The opportunity arose to really start taking modelling seriously and I wanted to take it while I could. Along the way I developed a real passion for nutrition and psychology, so I then found a great online course which allowed me to still follow my path as a model but also study something I truly love on the side. Balance is important.

Where abouts in Sydney are you based?
I’m based in the Eastern suburbs, around Potts Point and Elizabeth Bay. It’s such a great area. It’s close enough to the highway so I can always get around to shoots or castings easily, but then it’s also great for long walks and is close to all the lovely beaches like Bondi, which is awesome to spend some spare time when I get it!

Can you tell us about staying fit and your favourite routines?
I’m all about mixing it up! I don’t use gyms, I see a trainer in the park instead. Being outdoors is really fun and I find I get a lot more motivated. My trainer is good, he’s always pushing me and making sure I give everything my all. I need that external motivation. I do also love yoga and pilates, as well as all my personal training. If I’m travelling, I’ll make sure I hit the hotel gym here and there just to keep the exercise flowing and not fall behind.

What we will we catch you doing when you aren’t in front of the camera?
I love going on road trips and taking it easy around Sydney with my friends. I have a few little road trip adventures coming up and I’m really excited, nothing beats that feeling.

You obviously shoot in a variety of different settings with all types of styles and cuts. What’s your favourite setting and why?
I love the beachie vibe like the shoots we’ve done with SurfStitch. I feel it helps bring out and showcase me as I really am. I don’t do too much high end fashion, but I do shoot lingerie here and there and love it. I love lifestyle and fitness shoots too, which generally focuses on activewear and a happy, healthy lifestyle.

How would you describe your style?
It’s all about comfort. Comfortable shirts and jeans is a must. I guess you could almost describe it as 90’s meets present day. When I was in the States last year, I was just so obsessed with all their vintage stores and thrift shops and found so many cool jackets and so many other amazing additions to the wardrobe. Even if my outfit seems basic and boring sometimes, I’ll chuck one of my favourite vintage jackets on and it will bring it all together perfectly!

What’s next for Nat Darcus?
A big trip to Mexico would be perfect!

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