Fin Talk: Darren Handley Discusses The DHD Shaper Fin

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posted by James Willmott

Welcome back to Fin Talk. In today’s episode, we catch up with shaping royalty, Darren Handley.

Recently teaming up with the creative team at FCS, Darren has recently launched his own signature fin, the FCS II DHD which he himself classifies as an all-round, step-up template.

The fin is essentially geared for controlled tight pocket turns, but it will also perform driving cutbacks on the open face. The tip is tapered slightly which also promotes nice tail release when pushed a little harder through a turn.

Available in Tri and Tri-Quad options in both Medium and Large sizes, the template has a very neutral outline and sweep angle, with a little extra area in the base providing great drive, while the elongated narrow tip offers a nice balance of hold off the bottom of the wave.

Tune in with Darren to find out more, he’ll help keep them in mind next time you need new fins for your craft of choice.