Behind The Collection: Electric X Monster Children Collaboration Watch

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posted by James Willmott

Love a good collaboration as much as us? Good! Introducing the Kazymir, an exclusive collaboration between the brainchildren at Electric and Monster Children, bringing military inspired designs, Japanese quartz movement and custom surgical grade stainless steel to your next time piece.

To find out more on how it all came to fruition, we caught up with Electric’s Global Head of Product and Design, Mike Nelson.

Mike, thanks for catching up! You’re the VP of Product & Design at Electric. For those who don’t know, describe your role.
I lead a team of talented designers and product developers for Electric. Our collective goals as a group are to Identify, Design, and Develop products that people can’t live with out.

 You’ve just linked up with the crew at Monster Children to create an exclusive watch. When and how did this idea first come to life?
The idea first came to life in 2014 I believe. Eric Crane, the CEO of Electric, was in Sydney for some meetings. While there he caught up with Campbell about doing a Co-Lab between Electric and Monster Children. Thankfully Campbell wasn’t interested in just putting the Monster Children logo on one of our existing products and calling it good.  He wanted to work with us on bringing a product to life from scratch and that’s pretty much how it started.

What were the first steps in bringing the design to fruition?
The first steps were really diving deep with Campbell and the MC crew to understand what it was that inspired them. Campbell had a very clear vision of what he wanted the watch to be from the beginning.

Who are the key stakeholders that helped bring the watch to life?
Definitely having Eric and Campbell involved from the beginning was important. To bring a product to life really requires a lot of hard work from a lot of different parts of the business. Operations, Marketing, Sales, etc.  Everyone gets excited about projects like these so it’s always cool to see the results and see everyone do their part to make it a success.  Working with the crew at Monster Children was awesome as well.

Give us a rundown of the process from the first sketches to eventually wearing the final product?
As I stated earlier the process started with a conversation between our two brands. Once we felt like we had enough interest and excitement around the concept we moved in to creating some mood boards to ensure our direction was in alignment. From the mood boards and reference pieces we began sketching back and forth with the team at Monster Children. Focusing on the case shape early on and then moving in to dial details, strap width and strap material, and the buckle.

Once we had the design locked and finalized we began prototyping. We have a 3D printer in house so it really helps speed up the process. We’re able to evaluate fit samples and general size studies super fast. We landed on the final size after our prototyping and then moved in to sampling with our manufacturing partner.  After a few rounds of exploring different techniques for the dial to ensure we were able to achieve the desired effect we were ready to send Campbell and crew a finished sample to evaluate side by side with sample we had in our hands.  We made some final tweaks to the product and then began working on the packaging. The packaging is often over looked with projects like this. For us we wanted to make sure the packaging created an experience for the end consumer that was unique and meaningful. We created a custom box that allowed us to incorporate some imagery that Campbell wanted to use.

Describe the key features.
The key features are the unique and custom case shape.  The case really is a re-engineered classic. The dial is also one of my favorite parts. The dial has 3-dimensional numbers on top of a unique sort of antique finish. It really adds a lot of depth to the dial and visually captivates the wearer.

Apart from these, what makes it so special and sets it apart from other watches on the market?
I think one of the other characteristics I really enjoy about this piece is the over all size. It’s smaller and a little more timeless.  It’s easy to wear and it can be dressed up or down.

Check out the behind the scenes action of the Monster Children crew going at it for the Kazymir campaign:

exmc-1 exmc-2