Behind The Collection: Ellis Ericson On RVCA's No Wave Collection

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posted by James Willmott

Introducing the No Wave Compilation, the first installment of a collection brought to life by RVCA and lead Ambassador, Ellis Ericson.

Fusing his creative edge with cut throat approach to design, the No Wave compilation aims to capture the raw grit of the 90’s grunge era of music and culture, avoiding the standard and typical surf brand look and feel. What exactly does that mean you ask? Think bleached denim, battered knits and authentic rustic looks, all tied together through a vintage ‘no worries’ attitude and drips of psychedelia.

To find out more, we caught up with Ellis himself to discover how the idea first came to life and what the finished collection means to him.
Thanks for catching up Mr Ericson! First and foremost, how did you work closely with RVCA to bring the No Wave collection to life? What aspects and key responsibilities did you work closely with the team on?
This first collection was a collaborations between myself and Steve Fontes, RVCA‘s Designer. We’d been toying around the idea of a domestic capsule range that was more reflective of the clothes that I was wearing at the time. It was heavily influenced by my addiction to thrift shopping and 501 Levis. We basically narrowed down the cuts and colour palette till it felt right, and then Steve added some of his flare and the range took shape.

What other advocates were involved and what were their responsibilities?
I live with my fellow RVCA Advocate and friend Beau Foster. We are always bouncing ideas of each other plus Beau shreds on the sewing machine so he is always hemming up jeans and altering t shirts – always a good source of inspiration coming from that needle!

Describe the process of first putting designs on paper to eventually seeing the finished product in stores?
I’m not to good with the pen and paper jazz, it all comes from thrifting for me. I’m much more textural in my approach to product creation, the fit has to be proven and the fabric has to be enticing. Once I’ve worn it to death and its shown versatility then the No Wave range is the perfect vessel to reproduce it let the cycle continue.

Describe the collection in your own words.
Young but growing up.

Who chooses the cuts, materials and designs?
As this was the first No Wave range and I was still learning the ropes, it was a combined effort by myself and Steve. I’m most happy and proud of the Jean pant, I think we really nailed the cut, fit and feel.

After working on the collection, is it something you can see yourself doing with RVCA going forward?
Yep, for sure! I just returned from the States where I personally shot the No Wave campaign in New York for the second collection. I’m 80% through finalising No Wave’s third collection with RVCA too. I’m becoming a lot more involved on every level and utilising my artistic friends to help out with graphics, which is a nice synergy between my environment and the general public.