Friends Of SWELL: Kane Skennar

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posted by James Willmott

Though he may be jet setting away and stacking those frequent flyer points more frequently than the rest of us, that’s not the entire story for distinguished lifestyle and fashion photographer, Kane Skennar. His latest line of work saw him joining the SWELL family as Head Photographer in the brand’s latest campaign on the pristine beaches of Northern New South Wales, and in true Skennar fashion, he bought nothing but his best to the table.

Hailing from the shores of Sydney, his strong, conceptual style and love for both ocean and beach landscapes are evident through each finely crafted captured image. Equipped with his Nikon camera setup, Kane bagged a collection of shots that captured the SWELL identity perfectly, becoming yet another addition to his already incredible resume and reputation as one of the best in the industry.

We wanted to know more, so we caught a quick two with Kane to talk about the SWELL campaign experience, what equipment he used, what the process is after the shots have been gathered and lots more.kane
For those who don’t know, give us a brief rundown on who you are and what you are about?
I’m a fashion, lifestyle and portrait photographer from Australia who travels a lot and shoots people, places and anything that else moves.

You just wrapped up shooting for SWELL. Tell us about this experience?
Yeah, that went well! I went down the coast with the Swell crew and shot some cool images of the boys in the new range doing their thing camping and chilling at the beach.

What about the location and vibe helped capture exactly what you were after?
Most definitely the location was better than what I thought, setting up and camping on the beach is always epic. It wasn’t hard to capture the brief, especially with the boys having a bit of fun, surfing, cooking up a storm and having a few coldies!

Kane 5
You shot stills. Can you give us a rundown of the equipment you used while on the shoot?
I used mainly Nikon D500, D810 & D4S DLSR’s and a range of lenses that suits me to a tee!

Why do you go with these products over others?
Personal preference over what’s better or not, but in my experience I just love what I can get out of these camera’s these days. Ease of use, quality and auto focus, Nikon’s killing it there.

What first triggered your interested in photography, and in particular, fashion and lifestyle?
My stepdad gave me his Nikon F3HP to have a go of on a trip to Bali and Deserts I recall. I just loved capturing anything that moved and what I saw as my world. Fashion kind of interested me as it was competitive, fast paced and creative at the time and of course I love woman! Lifestyle interested me the same way and I love to travel and capturing that seems to be a big part of my trips away.

How did this campaign differ from others you’ve captured in the past?
I think actually camping, being a part of the crew and letting it all happen organically sets it apart from most shoots I’ve done. Most of the time I’m rarely in a location for long, let alone camping there and waking up and shooting the boys getting into the day. This was a great way to achieve a sense of difference.

Kane 1
Can you tell us about to process once the shots have been captured?
Well, I upload the images, back ‘em up, sort ‘em out, first stage edit by myself then second stage edit with Swell’s Art Director George Henderson to map out what we both love. Then I process them out and work out a colour treatment to suit the look and feel of the campaign, add that to the images and then upload direct to client.

How did you spend your time when you weren’t shooting on the campaign?
It was a pretty fast paced shoot time wise until sunset or sunrise, so I guess making food or setting up your tent before bed. Then it was lights out and back to shooting again. That’s how it really all unfolded.

The question has to be asked… what are your favourite pieces of the collection?
Ah definitely loved the range of tee’s by Brodie, his artwork and style is awesome.


What’s next for Kane Skennar?
Well, I just got back from Bali shooting lifestyle and surf and I’m off to Hawaii on the weekend to shoot fashion and swimwear for an Australian fashion magazine, I’m also working on an exhibition coming up. After that I’ll wait and see what the email god brings me!