Behind The Brand: Rich Brown From Munsterkids

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posted by James Willmott

Kids, kids, kids! They’re the future, but while they’re young and wild, they’re exactly that… wild! MunsterKids is a label dedicated to giving your groms the raddest styles out there while keeping up with their endless energy. It’s for the little rebels that run rings around you at home and will play all day and night if you let them. MunsterKids came about from pure beginnings by a couple of new parents looking for cool, quality clothing for their own little wild man, and it has since grown organically with other parents seeing the gap in the market for surf, skate and street culture inspired apparel for children.

Read on as we talk to founder, Rich Brown to find out more about the brand and discover how MunsterKids stays one step ahead of the pack.

Mr. Brown! Thanks for having a chat. Can you please describe your role at MunsterKids? What does it entail from day to day?
I pretty much manage all aspects of the business from design to marketing , finance and cleaning. The day starts off with a coffee while I check emails and get to anything urgent. Then depending on what time of year it is I’m normally designing and doing production spec’s, coordinating and developing marketing for photoshoots, lookbooks and website, as well as checking in with our factories to see how production of new lines is going .

Tell us how MunsterKids first came to fruition?
My partner Sam came up with the idea after we had our first son, Jax. She learnt to sew and started to cut down some of the tees from our surf and street wear company we were running at the time. We could never really find anything we wanted to dress him in so we created our own.

Describe your workplace and the HQ?
We work from a small factory/office at Cronulla.. There’s a lot of black and concrete..Office space walls are plastered with the new design boards..There’s racks of clothing pretty much everywhere. Downstairs has floor to ceiling racks of stock. Jodie, who runs the warehouse for international shipping and online store and is the resident DJ. There’s ALWAYS tunes playing!

Tell us how the tale of Mikey Munster and how he inspires each collection?
Mikey is a fictional character based on the true nature of kids. Kinda grubby and loud and always pushing the boundaries. He is the spirit of kids .We have 3 boys who pretty much embody Mikey, so the gear we make is designed around their lifestyle.

Do you think this sets the brand apart from the rest on the market?
Yeah, I think so. It’s really just how we live , it’s real and I think people connect with that. Munster is just another apart of our life. We have busy active kids that surf, skate and snowboard, so the brand is really just inspired by those lifestyles.

Give us a brief history of yourself.
I grew up in Cronulla and spent most of my time surfing. I went university to became a science teacher and was working part time in surf shops, and then running one, Triple Bull. From here, I got a job as a sales rep for a surfwear brand and then ended up running it in Australia. Next I started our own Label called Wolfgang and then finally MunsterKids. Can’t say I planned to be in the garment industry, but once you’re in it’s hard to get out .

What will we catch the MunsterKids crew getting up to you on a Friday?
Jodie will be off to see a band. Mel will be hitting her cabin at Thredbo. Sam and I and the kids will usually head to the beach for a surf, then head home for some home made pizza a glass of red and a fire while the kids skate the ramp.

Describe the process of first putting pen to paper with a design to eventually seeing it on a garment?
Sam and I start the ball rolling with the mood boards and inspirational pieces we find in the market. So after some mood boards have been created we put the theme out to some artists we work with. Once the art starts coming in we then start to design it up into stories and styles. I will then spec the boys and Mel and Sam will spec the girls and send these spec sheets out to the factories in Vietnam, China and India . We get back prototypes and if we like then we order samples and sell them. It’s a great feeling when samples come in 5 months after first planning and look like you had envisioned – not so great when it looks nothing like it.

Do you have an all-time favourite piece you love to see the kids rocking?
Yep, we did a paint splatter hoodie and matching track pant which the kids still have in their wardrobe .

Who’s the perfect Munster Kid?
Any kid who has an active lifestyle of surfing skating or just playing on the streets and wants some gear to handle the day to day wear of it .

What’s next to come from MunsterKids?
Looking to do a few more collaborations with other companies we’re fans of. Will bring out another skateboard and may have a jewellery collaboration in the process.