Behind The Collection: The Bare Road High Seas

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posted by James Willmott

Last month we had the pleasure of catching up with the new kids on the SurfStitch block, The Bare Road. This time round, we dive a little deeper into The Bare Road’s latest collection, which is breaking banks and cracking wardrobes worldwide, introducing the High Seas. Maintaining their simplistic, modern chic designs, our new staple brand has swept us away yet again with their latest collection and we felt it was only necessary to catch up with one of the beauties behind it all, Katie Cook.

Thanks for catching up Katie. We are stoked to see the new Bare Road collection on SurfStitch! How does it feel to see it finally come to fruition?
No worries! It honestly feels so relieving and satisfying. Our new range is full of diversity, with the introduction of swimwear to the collection, a natural progression from aquatic lifestyle, as this collection was our first success and being a non-mass produced label, Surfstitch’s support was welcomed and overwhelming.  I think the most exciting part is to see our pieces on customers all over the world.

Could you give us an insight into the creative process for coming up with a new collection?
We take extra care in all our products to make sure that we make high quality garments that fit well. This is of utmost importance to us, so this spring & summer we have taken extra, extra care in our lines. The creative process begins at the drawing board with an all in brainstorm on favourite shapes, styles and colours . Our designer studies international trend forecast avidly, and together we want to come up with something along these lines, that is wearable and applicable to our lifestyle, and true to our aesthetic.

Overall, we want our pieces to be identifiable.

How did the name ‘High Seas’ come about?
Our writer likes things that are phonetically appealing and it’s usually again a brainstorm of words, ideas that come to mind when we look at our campaign. High Seas – is a nautical sailing term referring to the open ocean – which resonated a sense of freedom to us … of belonging to nowhere.The campaign was shot by creative Sunshine Coast photographer Nat Lanyon,  with the main location being the panoramic Wategos Beach – the tide was high and wild that day – the open ocean came to mind, which fits hand in hand with the campaign idea and name.

Who has the final say in the designs, name and other important aspects?
We do, however we take a lot of inspiration, advice and input from our team. From sales to customer service, we use all of their fortes to finalise the best possible collection.

Where did you draw inspiration from specifically for this collection?
We drew a lot of inspiration from traditional European resort wear, from the 60’s through to the 90’s there is an endless but recurring range of traditional style to pull from.

How much input is there around the office?
We value all the knowledgeable opinions of our team, as well as our family and friends, customers and particularly our stockists.

How does it differ from others you’ve done in the past?
It is most definitely a step up from any collection we have released before. With everything from being better equipped with resources and time, we were able to focus on clear conceptual designs, with integrity and uniqueness whilst still being true to our style.

Which pieces could we find you in this Spring?
Most definitely the swim!

Who would you love to see rocking the ‘High Seas’ collection?
The Bare Road is for everyone, but we want it to be the favorite piece you wear as a summer uniform this season.