The Rip Curl Team Find Solitude In Indo

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posted by James Willmott

Endless, empty walls, warm water and remote destinations is exactly what the chef ordered recently for Rip Curl’s Gabriel Medina and Matt Wilkinson.

Collecting fellow goofyfoot ninja Garut Widiarta along the way, the trio dusted off the spirit of The Search and boarded a boat, with no plan beyond getting tubed, laying some rail, playing some pong, and unwinding at night with a few beers and plenty of laughs. This is their story.

“I used to love watching The Search videos,” says Wilko, to nobody in particular shortly after arriving. “Me too!” chimes in Gabriel, with unexpected vigour. “I used to watch all the DVDs. I remember when Rip Curl first sponsored me I thought I was going to go on all these trips to the middle of nowhere, to find perfect waves with my friends, and now we’re here, and it’s sick!” With that sort of positivity from our charges, how could they have gone wrong?

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